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Automate Patient Documentation

Save up to 2 hours a day on
paperwork & documentation 

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” Amnexis enables us to have a truly digital work environment, helping us to save valuable admin time and gives us more time for patients!

Why Choose Us

We want medical staff to be able to have more time to dedicate to their primary role of patient care and patient treatment.

Combining Speech Recognition and AI

Discover the power of self-learning AI & Speech Recognition! “EVA,” our mobile assistant, tackles documentation, freeing your time for patients. Reduce stress, gain data insights, improve care quality & patient safety. Experience the future of healthcare with Amnexis!

Our Vision

We are enabling you to become fully digital. Yes Paperless.


Highest Data Security through double encryption

Our Process

Healthcare professionals we hear you! Get more time for patients with our AI solution, designed by experts who understand your workflow

Client Testimonial

"'I'm excited! What a time saving this first test run would result in. There is hardly anything to add to the categories "Family History" and "Social History", the only things I would have missed were the separation from my wife 10 years ago and the lack of legal support. Something got mixed up in "Medication": The patient takes sertraline because of the stomach problems as a side effect, whereupon they switched to mirtazapine. A correction would only take our ward doctors a few seconds. All relevant points are also listed under "History Presenting Complaint". Ward doctors could do this almost 1:1, but the "phases with a lack of drive" is misleading, the lack of drive always seems to be there. But here too, just a single click for the medical correction and the findings could be documented without having to spend 15 minutes writing it down. I am very excited to see how Al will cope with psychopathological findings in the future. We will need more training material for this. I already had the opportunity to provide supplies today and will send you a voice memo and written findings as soon as I have made the findings"
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Benical Gulgen

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